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Keep your grass GREENER EACH YEAR  with Froio's care.


Our lawn care experts have the knowledge and lawn expertise to help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.  If you need lawn care around the West Chester, PA area, Froio’s Lawn & Landscape can help you achieve the lawn you have always wanted. You can trust Froio’s Lawn & Landscape to provide excellent Chester County lawn care and superior attention to detail. If you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood, get in touch with Froio’s Lawn & Landscape for lawn care services and we’d be happy to provide an estimate based on your lawn care needs.


Froio’s Lawn & Landscape experts are careful with your property, and our lawn cutting services include grass cutting, edging your boarders and blowing off walkways, driveways and mulched beds for a finished look. We consult with you when the dry summer months suggest reducing the number times we mow, or when it is just too wet to cut.  We care about the sustainability of your lawn as much as we do a well-cut look.  With us, your lawn is good hands; we have experienced landscapers and commercial grade equipment to keep your lawn looking its best.


We offer both spring and fall clean-ups to help your property look great year round.

 Froio’s Lawn & Landscape specializes in seasonal tasks such as leaf removal, branch

removal and other debris removal.


Grub & Insect Control (End of June/Early July)
Random soil cores are removed and sent for analysis to determine the Ph and nutrient levels of your soil. Highly acidic soils limit nutrient uptake.


How can you tell if you have grub damage? Look for patches of dead or dying grass as well as an increase of animals, such as crows or moles (looking to make a feast of the grubs). You can also peel back a square foot of turf or scrape back the top layer of soil in your garden beds and if you see six or more grubs, it's time for action.


It's easier to control grubs in the lawn when they're small and most likely to cause the most visible damage. This is why it is important to treat lawns when the eggs first hatch in late summer months. One application of our Grub Control can kill and prevent grubs for up to four months.


Keep your yard green and healthy year round with Froio's Lawn & Landscape.

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Grub Control Stages

Tend the YARD, it will thank you.


Additional Fertilizing services:

Soil Testing

Random soil cores are removed and sent for analysis to determine the Ph and nutrient levels of your soil. Highly acidic soils limit nutrient uptake.


Spring Clean-up

As the weather begins to warm up, your grass is ready to grow, but debris on the lawn can deprive your lawn its necessary nutrients of oxygen and sunlight. Froio’s Lawn & Landscape will remove any downed branches, other debris and remaining leaves during a Spring Clean-up.


Fall Clean-up

Let Froio’s Lawn & Landscape remove any downed branches and other debris, excluding leaves, from your yard to prepare you for the winter months.


Leaf Removal

Why should you remove the leaves from your property every season? Leaf build-up can take a toll on the health of your lawn. A lawn that was previously green and healthy can suffer from sunlight restriction and the absence of nutrients when covered in leaves may not receive the water it needs to be healthy. Raking leaves is time consuming and may take hours to do completely. Let the experts at Froio’s Lawn & Landscape take care of your leaf removal.


Liming Services

Liming improves plant nutrient availability in acidic soils. Soil microbes do not thrive in highly acidic soils.  Soil microbes aid in the decomposition of thatch and grass clippings.  A layer of thatch restricts movement of air, water and nutrients into the soil.


Aeration (Fall and/or Spring)

Helps alleviate soil compaction which restricts the flow of air, water and nutrients to the root zone and deters the build-up of thatch. An excessive thatch layer creates a favorable environment for disease. Overseeding can be done after aeration to help build turf density.


Power Raking/Dethatching (Fall and/or Spring)

Power raking, also known as dethatching, removes dead grass and roots (known as thatch). This is important because thatch prevents water and oxygen from reaching live grass, roots and into the soil.



  Lawn Cutting and Maintenance

 • Fertilizing

 • Spring Clean-Up

  Fall Clean-Up

  Leaf Removal

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Talk to us & tell us what you need. Our team is experienced in a gamut of landscaping designs.


Packages designed to fit your budget and needs

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Tons of Maintenance  Possibilities

Located in West Chester, PA, Froio's Lawn & Landscape was born out of a desire to provide our customers with unmatched service and workmanship.  We work diligently to make sure that you are 100% satisfied the first time, every time. - GUARANTEED.


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